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Our people

Our people love dialogue

NIn addition to our clients, we talk to other experts, thinkers, scientists and techies. And also with anyone who is interested in the future of the world and the associated new phase of digitization. Together we will make sure that we become smarter, better and faster!

Next-level collaboration

We transform from a supplier of software for a process to the partner who thinks along with you about the processes within your organization. PCA’s solutions grow from planning software to business-efficient applications. Our thinking does not stop with the implementation of our software. We think and talk with the customer about setting up the entire business process. From head to tail. Because we think and act from a business perspective and not from the bottlenecks of the current situation. We become a sparring partner with your IT landscape as a focus point. The change in the market in which our customer operates, the way in which the customer deals with this and the consequences for IT within the organization are subjects we discuss. Next-level collaboration!