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Our pay-off can be described in several ways. What matters to us is that you become even smarter, better and faster, and that every customer recognizes this during the collaboration. PCA does everything in its power to make planning the service process in your organization smarter, better and faster. The positive effect can extend far into your company. Collaboration is always our key word.

Development in a nutshell

With over 25 years of existence, PCA has a rich history and therefore a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of planning, streamlining and handling service processes. During the first 10 years, the software was built on premise. Since 2012 only cloud technology is used. PCA’s software solutions are therefore available anywhere in the world, at any time.

PCA has developed a large number of functionalities under architecture. The results that can be realized with the software are enormous.

We work with housing corporations, serve the country’s largest real estate maintenance companies and strengthen many small and medium-sized businesses. Nationally and internationally. And all with one single software environment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ambition

We are currently working on artificial intelligence in our own Techlab. PCA believes in the impact this new intelligence will have on tomorrow’s world. Data is the primary driver, which is the reason we continuously invest in research and apply the latest techniques.

Our ambition is to extensively automate and optimize the service and project planning process, and to become a leader in the next 10 years by doing so. PCA will do this with the use of smart algorithms and the data that has been generated by customers for many years.

PCA’s drive for innovation does not mean that we forget the power of man. What’s more, the development in the organization stems from dialogues with customers, partners, experts, suppliers and other co-thinkers during which the forces of man and technology come together.

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