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PCA now has more than 200 customers, nationally and internationally. We are active within the corporate world, serving the country’s largest real estate maintenance companies, many installation companies, a number of construction companies and a range of service organizations. Are you curious about the added value of PCA in your sector?

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That the planning of the service process in your organization can be smarter and faster. Every organization needs to innovate in order to improve its services and continue to make a difference. Software is the tool to realize change. The result: an optimal business process. We help you to take steps forward using smart software.

It's this simple

Define work

higher first-time fix

Your customer has a malfunction, maintenance or repair request. They can report this to you via the digital customer portal or by telephone. This can be defined in PCA, or (be integrated) in your existing ERP or accounting solution.

Fast definition of assignments
Linked to your ERP system and customer portal
Correct assignment = higher first-time fix


faster than ever

Days fly by; we take care of the planning. Do you know the content of the assignment? We create an optimal planning for it.
How: by planning the right person in the right place, including an optimized route, and immediately offering an appointment based on a suitable proposal for both your organization and the end customer.

Leave the planning process to our smart algorithms; choose Marlin.

With chain integration, we can even schedule an appointment for your customer with your subcontractors. This way you maintain control over outstanding work and reduce failure costs in the chain.

Serve customers faster
Increase first-time fix
Reduce of travel time via route optimization
Direct outstanding work
Make optimal use of limited capacity in your team


easily save 1 hour of administration time per professional per day

The expert can get straight to work, because he knows exactly what to do. With our user-friendly mobile app, we keep important data up to date automatically: consumed materials, time sheets, photos, (inspection) forms and a customer’s signature.

After completion, the work order is directly sent to the customer’s inbox. The app is flexible and can be configured to suit your workflow.

Fast order processing
Hour registration
Less administration
Faster billing
Less pressure on the office


easy with dashboards

The process is finished, the data is already sent to the office for invoicing. All collected data is displayed on your dashboards and reports, so you can make adjustments at the touch of a button.

Optimizing human processes and customer satisfaction
Insight and management information
Ready for invoicing


Our solutions ensure that all service activities are automated in one solution. Automatically plan periodic maintenance, optimize routes with a single click, communicate proactively with the end customer or get the best planning proposal for your organization to serve the end customer well.
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The impact of more efficient planning? #happy

More time, more profit, more positive customers and also more happy colleagues.
We can provide the ideal applications for you, such as the digital work order application. As far as we are concerned, we go even further.

Together with you, we delve into the opportunities for your company or organization. Large or small, commercial or social.

Good planning with the use of the right tools has an effect on every employee. It influences processes, culture and emotions.

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